Saturday, September 26, 2009


This week I finally caved and had Brighthouse come and hookup internet. So happens the service man discovers I'm a painter / art teacher and ...I don't think he had ever met an his excited reaction. I kept wanting to say, really, it's not that big of a deal, but he kept saying REALLY ! REALLY ! OH wow, you serious ?! All that to say, he was the first commissioned portrait. Within minutes I had a request for a portrait, took his picture and whipped this out today. I hope he likes it !


Orphan and Widow said...

LOVE IT! You need to get into the portraiture business girl! Hey, I gave a CD to my sister to give to you (finally!) of a few pics I took at Restoration. hope things are well!!

Liz aka "funky junky" said...

BLAKE!!! OH MY GOODNESS! i am so proud of you! this might just be your thing!! i am blown away! love it.

Mike and Carrie, Jacob, Lilly, John and Michael jr. said...

Awesome Sis! Great vision, heart and soul!
We love you!

Karen Connor said...

Awesome...what a creative and expressive way to Love your neighbor. I bet you made that mans year and increased his job satisfaction greatly. Nice work.


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