Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Little Angel

" You know your my little angel ", were the words my mom used to tell me growing up. When I was little she loved to snuggle and kiss ALL over my face, to the point of drowning me in them. My mom was SO affectionate. Yesterday I traded paintings with my best friend's sister, who is an amazing artist. I didn't expect what she did for me. I painted a rendition of Bull Fighters in the Ring, and she paints THIS. It's a painting of two angels, one is of me , the other my mom.
This past April marked 6 years since my mom was here with us. After a long year or so battle with AML (a type of Leukemia), she gracefully fell asleep for the last time. This month she would have been 62. I remembered the last time we danced, you must understand, my mom LOVED to dance. Always the life of the party. It was part of her outgoing, flamboyant nature, that everybody loved. I know that she's dancing with the angels now. The greatest peace. As much as I wanted to trade places with her, I know there's no other place she'd rather be, than in heaven, surrounded by holy angels.


Karen Connor said...


Jennifer Dean said...

My mom's birthday was Sept. 22 and this was the first year since she has been gone that I was really sad on that day not to celebrate it with her :( I love you girl!

Liz aka "funky junky" said...

oh. snif. precious story


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