The family dynamics I grew up in are unique then as they are today. I have two sisters and a brother, all nearly seven to eight years my senior. Let me mention that they are also "half" siblings in the sense that my sisters and I shared the same mom, and my brother and I shared the same dad. We never explained or truly recognized anything more than we were just siblings. After all, we were just one big happy extended family. My sisters are my best friends. We journeyed with my mom through a tough battle with leukemia, and lost. Although she's no longer with us here, we know in confidence she went home to heaven. What could be better for her? Our family dynamics have changed over the past ten years, as my brother started his family, one sister did as well. My oldest sister moved to the beach in Charleston,S.C., to which I can't complain is bad place to visit, considering it's also where I met my husband. Most of his family resides in Kentucky, near the rolling green hills and countryside. We are spread out around the southeast, but it's a sweet gift to share phone conversations day-to-day, and even more exciting when we're all in the same place. 


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