Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feeling Free

Last week I read the sweetest blog, by a friend of mine, see here, to read for yourself. Basically the feeling when you gently place your feet in the cold grass, or dig in the dirt with your bare hands, and run around freely to see only the sky, trees, and open spaces all around. I love that place, either on a trail on the mountain side, in the country, or a quiet place on the porch. The part of the soul that rests, relaxes, and enjoys feeling free for as long as it lasts. This painting is one of her pictures that I couldn't resist using for a small painting. Her girls feeding this horse from the barn, both had looks of excitement and fascination, I wish I could've captured. It reminded me of the small things in life that bring such joy and laughter.


Abby Maddox said...

Oh Amanda Blake, it's AWESOME!!! When can I come see it in person??

amanda blake said...

i'm glad you like it !! anytime - it's yours, come and get it !


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