The Artist

Art is a part of my family legacy. Both grandparents on my dad's side were ceramicist, while my mom's parents built their own unique trade businesses, one furniture, the other a flea market. My dad traveled with a jazz band throughout his younger years, while my mom mastered the art of interior decorating and making treasures of another's trash. Both of my older sister have a creative niche' that is visible in everything they touch. I always admired their savvy styles. Me? I love the craft and premise for creating and problem solving. I'm an artist by passion and grace. Everything painted, pasted, molded, or drawn is done with great humility and gratefulness. UAB facilitated my MAEd, while international travel, artists, and my heritage, shaped how I became an artist. Starting with abstract platforms, murals, drawings, and mixed media, to painting angels, landscapes, and more. My artwork has been exhibited in juried shows, internationally, locally, as well as commissions to private owners. Once I discovered people really bought original artwork I began taking my love for painting serious. It's a gift and passion I'm happy to share with the world. 


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