Friday, February 11, 2011

Tulips,Roses,and Lilies

February 3rd was just a day to many, and to me, a long afternoon wait in the icy "winter storm" traffic. Planning to have dinner, a date actually, which is always exciting. After eight months I still love dating, especially the "going out" to dinner part of it. See, I thought it would be a special night, fun and exciting...but it was SO much more. Can you picture this... a quaint Italian restaurant, amazing three course meal..and then a mug that was "your" desert coffee.. that ..wait, it has writing.. "Amanda Blake, Will You Marry Me?" Ok, as I turned to place my eyes on the man, he was not in his seat, but kneeling on the floor, smiling from ear to ear, laughing, and replying with sincerity, "will you marry me", and opening the box with a beautiful ring starring right at me. He wasn't stuck in traffic like I thought he was when we talked earlier. Wait, I said yes, at least three times, through my gasping,crying,and excitement. Later I had to ask him to make sure I said yes, because it felt like a dream. Before I knew it the ring was on my finger, on the wrong hand, but on my finger. So after quickly changing it to the left, the owner of the Italian resturaunt, Bongiorno's, walks to our table. He was complete with Italian cap and suspenders, and began singing an Italian love song accapello. Until Friday late afternoon, all I could think about was this moment. The fact my man had fibbed all afternoon about where abouts and going ons, didn't matter, not even a little bit. I'm so glad he suprised me! Most of all it filled me with joy! Later we spent hours talking and I finally let him know, "all along that I knew it was you."


tammy said...

what a sweet post. so glad you found me on fb so that i could find your lovely blog.

cheers and happy wedding planning!


Ashley Matteo said...

YAY! congratulations. i am so happy for you two. your man got a good one, that is for sure! cant wait to hear more details of the big day

Cafe said...

Awe man, you brought tears to my eyes! It makes me so happy you both found each other...a gem for a gem! Love to you both! Michelle


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