Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Last week I got married and my dad gave me away at the alter, to the love of my life. How did we get this far in life and not have one another? Only God's kindness, the love of Christ, and wonderful family and friends. Of which, we still need them all, and thankful beyond words. Above is candid photo of my dad sharing at our rehearsal dinner. His sweet words reminding me of the day I told him what God had done in my life. How my life was changed forever and now it was changing again, forever. My dad has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, be happy, and above all, love well. He did express his concerns when I was traveling overseas on mission trips. I grew up learning how to save a margin of my allowance, clean my room, wash my car, compete well, and be respectful to everyone. My teachers used to ask me if our family was military. Come to find out, I just loved the discipline...when I was young. This Father's Day weekend is special, not just because I'm married, but because my dad is giving me one of his prized possessions. His commercial keyboard. See, he grew up playing piano, and actually left college to tour around the southeast with a jazz band. He played trumpet, bass, and the organ. Once in New Orleans his band opened for Otis Redding. He has rubbed shoulders with many Motown artists and inspired me to love music far beyond what I hear on the radio. Their band had a "one hit wonder", called Double Shot of My Baby's Love. It's a typical swing dancing song of the 60's. I could go on to share the music legacy, but that's not my dad. Today his legacy is in his family. I learned how to persevere and reach beyond myself to accomplish things in life that seemed unattainable. Thank you dad for all that you've done to make me a better person! Happy Father's Day weekend!

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