Monday, June 13, 2011

DIY with Love

Greetings from the Newlywed house! I can hardly believe it, but so glad it's true! I'm married! Before I indulge into the amazing highlights of the wedding, here's a couple last minute crafts that took place the week before.
The Guest Book banner made with fabric squares and hand-sewn burlap letters.

The tedious, yet beautiful, pomander balls. See the tutorial here. Great touch!

The moss "T". I discovered this at a Lifeline Adoption fundraiser event. Dear friends of ours just returned from China with their little girl! See the post on his site if you like.

These were a gift from all the ladies that were able to attend the bridal shower. Great idea! New decor for the cottage, along with this painting below from a great friend and fabulous artist.

The veil. I aspired to make this classic, simple veil the week before the wedding. After trying on a similar veil and finally deciding on how my hair would look, there was no other conclusion than to go veil-less. I loved the small flower pieces we found for my hair and only used 31 bobby pins in my hair. 

Finally, the cake. I borrowed this picture from the caterer's blog. It's a must read for crafters,readers, cookers,etc. I just love it. She and her husband out did themselves with lovely desserts and drinks at the reception. 

Wow! And the programs were designed and gifted by our very own Laura Kathleen! My sister spent hours the night before the wedding using hot glue to put the mix-match ribbon on them. Both of my sisters left us speechless with the amount of time and energy they put into making our day amazing.
 We were in awe as we drove away in the souped-up Camry, complete with flying white ribbon, and every available window covered with shoe polish love notes, "Just Married" & so on. Our hearts are still filled with so much gratitude. So many talented and generous friends around us to make this day a dream come is a gift from God. We are both still gleaning from the joy that everyone brought us. 

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