Friday, May 27, 2011

You Are Beautiful

I can't believe what I'm about to say, we're EIGHT days away from getting married! This may be the last post for a while. I plan on making the DIY posts after the wedding. There just isn't time for anything besides these few random recent happenings in my life.
 Remember the painting I worked on for my friend, with her kids in it? Well, I finished it, so I'm sure she wouldn't mind me showing you the finished product. Don't mind the glare, it was still drying when I snapped this photo. 

On another note, on Andrew's birthday we took a stroll downtown and landed at the Peanut Depot. I love the cobblestone street of Morris Avenue. How can you live in Birmingham 10 years and not know about this place? I love boiled peanuts. Honestly, this was more about me than Andrew, but he didn't mind. We loved the inside of the depot. Proper working antique peanut boilers, spiral staircases, and bags of peanuts.

Side note: Have you seen all these tag lines, "You are Beautiful" around Birmingham? The bridge at Highland Avenue, stores, and cafes. I have and finally discovered that an underground group of artists are working to spread a positive message around Birmingham. They finally have begun to reveal their identity, nonetheless, the idea is very cool. 

Also stumbled upon this at Railroad Park. 802 shoes. The public display/art installation represents this year's count for people who have died from second-hand smoke in Alabama. I love when artists use their creativity for causes like this one. We signed a petition to work towards preventing smoking in public.  

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