Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Highlights of Dating

So, who blogs about dating right? No one usually, because you're not sure how it will end. Those of you are following my DIY, might like a little back story. After all, he's not going anywhere! May 31st, the day after I prayed and celebrated being single on my drive to Charleston,S.C. to visit my sister and best friend. .. "Who's that cute guy?" ... we played Frisbee and somehow kept being singled out of the bocce ball game.. so we mosied on to the sandbar for more chat about missions, school, and anything that came to mind ...and later to grill out with my sister's friends...which ended with more talk on large hammocks on a wrap around porch.. the next night, we had a beach date under the stars with sparklers packed in our bag furnished by my sister. (think she was up to something?)

The quick soft snap as we head out to the beach for strawberries and get-to-know you time. The conversation revolved around how thankful we were for a sweet new friendship. He was a perfect gentlemen... . I was impressed.

The next day we spent time in beautiful downtown Charleston, where he took me to a 5 star restaurant for lunch.. . what? Actually he used to work there, so it was fun to show up in our summer attire and enjoy fancy cuisine. My vacation was only a few days, so upon returning home, and literally a couple of days had passed. .. and I got these. 

We have been together ever since. .. with the exception of two weeks ... . (tmi) .. nearly a month later he flew to Georgia while to meet my other sister and her family. I'll stop here and share more on the next post. I'm so excited to be planning my wedding with an amazing friend and love of my life.

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