Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Belated Mom

My mom's birthday just recently passed, September  27th,1949 is the day and year the Lord brought her into this world. April 4th, 2003, He brought her home to Him. Mother always carried on about her childhood and dynamics of her family. As an older sister in charge of her younger sister, with cerebral palsy, to a younger sister of a half brother and another sister that eloped when she was fifteen. It always sounded like stories from a book, tales that couldn't possibly have happened in real life. I always made her tell my girlfriends in high school when I had them over for "spend the night parties". That's what I called inviting a bunch of close friends over, eating junk food, drinking coke late at night, doing a craft or inventing one, talking about boys, laughing until it hurt, and passing out at a wee hour of the morning. I loved those nights. I love even more the black and white pictures I have of my mom. I know there's a story behind each one. I try to think and recreate the moment in a way she might have told it, but it's enough to to enjoy the photo alone. Mom would be just over 60, and would never allow me to tell her real age, so I'll just leave it at that out of respect. In due time, something or someone reminds us how the brevity of life is before us. Learning how to love well, share more, listen, respond, and live each day to the fullest. I hope that I can continue growing in sharing my memories of an amazing woman as well as cherishing the memories that are yet to made.

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