Monday, September 27, 2010

Artist Statement

Artists’ Statement
Angels Series

The body of artwork “Angels” is derived from a vision and experience of acknowledging angels existence here on earth. The inspiration is in the sound of a loud passing train and people living in poverty. Despite always imagining angels as being spirits, I believe they're also strangers in our lives. All the paintings speak alone and yet together in harmony. Each piece has it's own persona and performances described by the angels.

The approach to painting is in the form of taking the old or mundane and creating beauty. Scrap wood or reused canvas are distinct platforms of the paintings. The metaphor of making beauty from ashes is derived from the Bible. I'm influenced by textiles, abstract art, architecture, and nature. I've traveled to Spain,Dominican Republic, Ireland, Mexico,Peru, India/Nepal, and Haiti, all to which inspire the universal meaning behind the “Angels” series. Personally I have experienced the loss of several family members(all grandparents,an aunt,etc.) one especially, my mom. Many of the angel paintings remind me of her company and new residence. Painting expresses the way I see a margin of the world around me. Using techniques through mixed media applications and various textures adds layers to my paintings.

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