Sunday, September 19, 2010

I got my shwag

it's not a dirty word...that's what you get in your race bag...and when you win 1st place!


Just let me TELLL you, it was a close finish. After a beautiful drive to Cheaha at 7am this morning I found myself coaching my own legs to "RUN" once I reached mile 5 or 6. Our bodies are amazing at listening to us at times. The race started at 8:30a and alot of people must have gotten the memo, it was crowded. I prepared for defeat, telling myself at the starting line, "this is JUST FOR FUN, run your best, forget everybody else". Fun?? not so much, forgetting everybody else, check. It's not EVER over, til you cross the finish line. And I kept preaching this to myself at the end, even though I had not heard a peep, brush, or scuffle for miles. Low and behold I FINALLY reach the wonderful concrete leading to the finish, and what...who..oh no she isn't. I dive into a complete sprint after catching a glimpse of a fellow lady racer to my right shoulder. Literally won by 5 seconds..and then another lady just behind her. I'm so glad I no idea where they were the whole race. It was a beautiful morning, and the leaves are all turning reds,oranges, yellows, which is a highlight, perhaps the only one, I can recall from the trail race. Thanks friends for all your encouragement! With a grateful heart and wonderment God has given me joy and peace,despite the tiredness and soreness, it's a sweet gift. Only a loving and generous God would give such a thing. Winning or losing is never at the forefront of training or running trails, God is, and His Son. If I haven't shared my secret to what inspires me to run, paint, or do anything..I will is HIM...

more shwag

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LauraK said...

Congratulations Blake! Though I'm not at all surprised by yet another first place finish, I'm so proud of you! Way to push through til the end!!! Looking forward to Thursday afternoon/evening!


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