Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Cave

Slowly making my way out of the "baby cave" that has been my waking,breathing, and sleeping place over the past few months. I think I would stay here inevitably, watching, recording, and spending time with this precious little girl capturing my attention most of the days lately. Occasionally I have to come up for "air" and remember what day, year, and time it is in order to stay on track with the rest of my life.
But I don't mind, just look at this little bundle, from her 7 day old photo shoot. She's just shy of turning 4 months! Where does the time go? Infancy doesn't last long, and now we're watching her every move in hopes to not miss anything. The thumb-sucking(she's trying so hard to not use her whole hand), to blinking and tracking with eyes, grabbing and kicking, smiling(alot!),giggles, and talking in her baby language often. She's so content most of the time. We know how much of a blessing this is for us, especially with jumping head-over-heels into marriage bliss and adding a little one within the first...well two months! This year we celebrated one year of marriage, a new baby girl, and being reunited after months of living long distance. Shew!
This year my hope is to s-l-o-w down somehow to take in the life around me and rest from such a whirlwind of a year. 

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