Saturday, September 18, 2010

The French Make Good Coffee

And that's all there is to it. I have no idea how the French Press got it's name, or if it even needs capitalization, but it makes DURN good coffee. The days of frequenting snob coffee shops brought this wonderful drink to my attention. My name is Amanda Blake, and I'm a coffee drinker, by choice. I've had "seasons"(who says that about coffee?) of decaf coffee or skipping a day or two, mainly just to remind myself that I'll live without it, just in case Y2K really does happen one day. Otherwise, this little $20 delight has changed my morning routine. No more auto-drip for me baby. I  stroll to the kitchen, load the kettle with purified(sort of) water and let it get hot on the stove(roughly the time it takes to brush my teeth and get dressed), and viola, pour water over the already placed coarse grinds that are ground from whole beans, and then it simmers, for 4 minutes. Only then, and only then, can you press and pour a creamy, frothy goodness into your cup. If that's not enough, drinking coffee this way has almost convinced me I could drink it black. The instant drip was hauled to the thrift store, and my counter space has a fresh new look. I'm a happy woman.

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