Monday, October 4, 2010

I love to draw

Malaga, Spain I climbed the top of the Alcazaba military castle of sorts to overlook the bullfighting stadium a long way into the city. There were men in tights, running bulls and crowds cheering the whole event on..for awhile. I was fascinated. Most "other" cultures fascinate me. Go figure, maybe why I've visited 7 other countries in search of why God had placed such intrigue in my heart. I'm still searching. ;) Anyway, this is that stadium, I drew one summer....four years ago. 

I may use this drawing for a submission show for UAB Alumni coming up fall. The only problem is there's a deadline...not good! 

This just reminds me of winter. A drawing I did when working at an architecture firm for a was SO cold this morning. 
And this is where I'd rather be during this wonderful season. ..another drawing/sketch  for a client who wanted a never happen. Supposedly I ask WAY too much money for my time. Good thing I have a day job or else I'm sure I'd starve trying to live from my artwork.

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