Friday, April 2, 2010

You should be an artist

Could you ever say "no" to this face? This kid melts my heart, but literally clung to my side in art class. Never completed one task, except for sitting, down for a piece of candy. He's in 1st grade. I saw ALOT of these kids today. I painted at least 400 faces, ranging from spiderman, butterflies, batman, tiger, Lil' Poo, Lil' RiRi, hearts with initials ..etc. you get the picture. I loved it but forgot one thing on the most glorious spring day yet, SUNSCREEN. My little forearms are blistered, and half of my neck, one of the most unattractive farmer tans, if there is one. One of the students blurted out when I was painting, "you should be an artist!". All the kids joined in "yeah, Ms.Coral (I spell it how they pronounce it) you should be an artist!"Another said, "someone should pay you to do this!" I told them I was an artist and just couldn't help but laugh. Did you know us "caucasions" are not the only ones that sunburn? My co-worker let me know today that she was "blacker than she was that mornin'"and didn't want to get any blacker! Okay well I'd love some of that tan verse these Irish freckly sunburnt arms. Tomorrow is the Crestwood Spring Festival, another day in the sun, but you better wear sunscreen, this Alabama sun ain't no joke!

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Whitney said...

Oh my goodness...melt my heart. Truly, he is precious! Happy Easter, Amanda Blake!


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