Monday, February 8, 2010

My Sister's Birthday

Both of my sisters live out of state, one in South Carolina, the other in north Georgia. I love them and miss them just about everyday! We're used to being in different places, they're both older and were out of the house before I finished school. I'll never ever forget riding the bus alone for the first time. Both of the girls were riding with friends and I had to walk AND ride the bus alone. I sat right there in the front behind the driver, as if I was the most important person on the yellow wagon. Today Carrie turned 39. They were headed to Provino's Italian resturaunt when we talked today over the phone. Provino's provides a free meal when it's your birthday. I've never been there and assured Carrie there was not one in Birmingham. I looked it up and the closest one is in Auburn.Anyway, in two short weeks myself and other sister, who lives in Charleston, will be meeting up to "tag team" babysit the crew. We always create an "agenda" for the kids so we stay on track with plenty of games,snacks, naps,and going to get ice cream! Jacob & Lilly are entertaining us this year with their roles in Annie. They both LOVE the theatre, and do really well. Johnny and Michael are typical rough & tumble little toddlers who love to wrestle, play chase, and pretend their shooting or destroying something. The last weekend in February will be compiled of fruit,candy, Wii games, board games, running,jumping, and whatever else you do with the ages 2 through 11... while Carrie & her hubby head for a retreat. Happy Birthday Sister!

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Mike and Carrie, Jacob, Lilly, John and Michael jr. said...

Thanks Mandola!! I am just getting caught up on your blog!! LOVE IT!! We so appreciate you in our a sister, aunt and a dear precious FRIEND in Christ!! doesn't get better than that! We love you!!


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