Friday, January 29, 2010


This blog will soon, I'm not giving up on the blog world..or my wonderful anonymous followers (since only 7 people let me know they read it..that"Follow" button means click that and let me know you're reading all this nonsense) Anyway, I've discovered WordPress..and all it's savvy wonderment of blog design. I like it much better and will be working to set up a new blog page worries, you can follow there too. ;p The painting is #4 of my horse series. The first two sold (yeahhh!)and this one is on it's way to the gallery, maybe, unless it (excuse me), "gets gone", then I'll be painting another. I can't have just one lone ranger horse painting at the gallery, my space needs ...well, with one painting you don't have much more paintings, more space. You get the idea. Be on the lookout for horse paintings with random surroundings, like this one. I threw in a flag, which looks like a putt-putt green and a windmill of some sort, like those I saw in Colorado this past summer. I love those things and barns. Have a great weekend, ciao'. 

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LauraK said...

thank goodness! i almost passed out when i saw the first couple of lines!!!!!!!!!!!


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