Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ella Kathryn

Today there's a sad place in my heart for a close friend. For 3 weeks Cassie and her husband Len stood by their little girl's side, just over 3 years old. It all started with a virus, some complications due to allergic reaction(s), and later pneumonia. After being airlifted to Children's little Ella Kathryn began undergoing test after test. Sedated and on life support there was nothing but HOPE that she was going home soon. I'll just stop here and ask, if you're reading this, please pray for them. Ella Kathryn didn't live through the night Monday and all of us praying, which were 1000's (no joke), were devastated, but even more her parents, my good friend. The only comfort in tragedy is knowing God's in control, angels exist, and the word of God is powerful. If you want to help or send flowers to this family, I've included the information. Thank you all for journeying with me and praying. We'll all be meeting on Friday, in Golden Springs, to tell Ella Kathryn goodbye, one more time.
There's(will be soon) a fund setup at AOD in Ella Kathryn Watson's name/you can call (237-9494) / donate money. Send cards/gifts: Cassie and Len Watson, 320 Eastland Drive, Lincoln, Al 35096. Flowers:Golden Springs Baptist Church, 3 Robertson Road, Oxford, Al 36207 -not until Friday, 2/12. Cassie & Len want to purchase recliners/beds for Children's Hospital/Birmingham for families going through difficult time. I hope this helps those wanting to help.

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