Saturday, February 27, 2010



I"m loving our time with these kids. Baby Michael,Lilly, Jacob, and Johnny. Last night we played "Run and Dive" onto the palette on the floor. It was a hit! 

Then we joined 
                                            with some old fashion  hoola hoopin'..

while the kids threw on the "in-line skates" ..notice how I'm even trying to be "cool" with my words on this blog. The great part is that even though Lilly and Jake are in that stage to actually know the difference, they think their aunts are the coolest girls in the world. We have a precious friendship and I love seeing these kids grow in their love for Jesus.
The time we spend together is always filled with laughing til' you hurt, eating ALOT, and remembering how much fun it is to be young..or just play with those who are! I love these kids and hope in faith to have a family of my own one day. It's beautiful to be with kids and see their childlike faith and genuine joy in life. Tonight we're settling in with the return of Mike & Carrie from their retreat, fireside chatting, and sharing some final hours of quality time. Distance truly makes the heart grow fond, but I wish we all lived closer. I'm thankful my sister's and I talk so much that we forget we're miles apart. is a gift, and I've continually been reminded of that this weekend. 

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