Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Incline Your Ear

We're watching a video in my 7th grade art class about folk art. There's a section about Mexico and Catholic art made from recycled materials. Here's a conversation between two boys in response to learning that a majority of Mexicans are Catholic: (keep in mind, most of my students don't get much further than North Birmingham or the projects.)

Terry: " Is we Catholisms? Mer.Corle,Mer.Corle! Is we Catholisms?"
Malieke replies to him, "Is you Catholic?"
Terry says "No way man I ain't gettin' shot!"
Terry: " Mer.Corl what is we? Is we Catholisms?"  
Maleike answers "No boy we's Christianity, they teach you that in school man!,don't you know anything!"


Britney said...

your posts on what your kiddos say at school never fail to crack me up. thanks for the morning laugh! :)

The deVilleneuves said...

That's hilarious!!


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