Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today at School

So..some students,especially the younger ones, have no filter for the questions that enter their mind. Today a sweet 3rd grade boy, D'Juan(is how you say it, but it's DeWayne). Anyway he looked around and then at me and asked "why do we have a white art teacher?" and smiled. I said "well, God made me white and he's given me this job so here I am." Another boy, Devon, looked kind-heartedly at me and said, "you're probably not white, you're just a lighter shade than him." Like, being white is all how you percieve it, and I guess in a philosophical way, he's right. We're God's children, His creation. They kids went on to discuss, "you're here in an ALL black school?", as if I didn't know. They somehow were fascinated with the topic and seemed to have just discovered my color.
On another note, Cordell, who's also a 3rd grader, finished his elephant pastel picture today and turned to his neighbor and said, "look at this boy!, I'm been drawin' since I was five boy!" ;)

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