Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That was not a bird's nest

So, I thought the little birds had flown away. No sounds or rumbling. It's time to remove the nest and cover the hole. Well, remove the nest, but there was life, wildlife, 2 baby squirrels sleeping soundly. My pastor & neighbor pulled these 2 precious little animals out of the wall. Their eyes are still closed! They can only be a few days old at the most. What to do? After some google research I discovered these little guys are what my friends and I would call "HM" (high maintenance). They have to be fed a special type of formula, every 2-4 hours, and also assisted with their getting rid of their meals. (wildlife rescue is not for everyone). In some states, it's illegal to keep any type of wildlife at your home. I want to name the 2 snugglers. Any ideas? Hopefully they will survive all the trauma and make it back into the wild, eating nuts and jumping from tree to tree. I feel like their surrogate parent, envisioning their future. Stay tuned...

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