Saturday, October 18, 2008

St.Louis, MO

St.Louis,MO. This is the view from my room here at the teacher's conference. Amazing sunsets and mornings as the sun rises and falls across the Mississippi River. God's creation sings His praises, in more than words, but by bringing joy to our hearts and minds. I enjoy God's handiwork more and more as learn more about Him. This trip has come with it's challenges, a first of "business trips" for me. Do I forget the world? Yes, and thankfully, God gently reminds me in life lessons that the world is being led my Satan. While traveling appeals to an adventurous personality, it comes with it's dangers too. I'll probably not volunteer for another business trip, travel alone, or talk to strangers again. What is street smarts? Well, you NEED them to survive the world, as much as you need daily God's protection and grace when you are interacting with new people and places.

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