Friday, February 3, 2012

Home Stretch

Alot can happen in 9 months, trust me! Not only can you fall in love(which I found is very different from searching for a boy to fit a mold from a book I've read), but get married, start a family, and begin a completely new season of life altogether. My last day of teaching two years ago was the greatest day (at that time) of my career. Teaching inner city wee ones can take a huge toll on your...well, whole life. Venturing to Charleston,SC and the beautiful awaiting beach sands were all my heart could stand for what seemed a quick seven hour drive. There aren't words to describe how much my life changed within the next few days of arriving.. in an awesome way. Not only was I surprised to meet this charming,handsome guy, but he was not joking around with his intentions towards me once we got acquainted. It wasn't until I arrived back home that I concluded he wasn't going to just be my "vacation boyfriend"(not that I always had one)
Can I just say, the rest is history? Flowers, tiny little happy gifts in the mail, phone calls..of which many of the first were with much laughing from my end, not believing he could be serious. We were states away and barely knew each, no way! He was determined and certain, and lavished his charm,wit, and certainly accompanied by stubbornness to see this Memorial Day beach rendezvous through to the end. And even though I wasn't ready for him to know, I was too!  
The sweetest day of my life, coupled with just two months later....
Can you believe we are all ever this tiny??! Throughout our dating,engagement, and early(early) days of marriage, discussing children was easy..we both wanted to trust God and see where He led us. You hear that "getting pregnant isn't as easy as you think"...right! We were so excited, elated, overwhelmed,thankful.. I could go on, the emotions were all over the place, especially mine. ;) Now we are awaiting this precious little girl's arrival into our family, of 9 months. God has transformed and grown us in ways we could have never imagined, in such a short time. faithful. 
Here she is at 22 weeks. I'm already in love with this baby! Just a mere 7-9 weeks and she'll be making her grand entrance..or should I say exit? Needless to say, learning about pregnancy and all the nuances,loss of comforts(sleep,etc), nutrition,and prep for arrival, have all but consumed my mind. It's a crazy process, one I could never do alone. We are so excited and amazed at the blessings and joys God has given us in 9 short months. I could live w/out the nausea,sleeplessness,food aversions,"you SO big" comments, etc. BUT I wouldn't trade them for all the world in exchange for this precious life. Home stretch here we come!

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