Monday, February 6, 2012

Farmscape Study

 Last year during the winter season my (at the time boyfriend) took me back to KY to spend time with his family and see where he spent his summers. Can I just say, I LOVE the countryside in Kentucky. Rolling green hills, silos, horses, woods, barns, and long stretches of small roads with wooden post fences. When you own a farm for a long time in a small town, it's almost like an estate or castle, it's dubbed whatever your last name is as it's title. For instance, the farm my husband's grandparents lived on for so long is known as the "W(last name)" Farm. So, whoever takes up residence respects the history and cordially allows family members to visit, and so that's what we did. The same house, with a wood burning stove, trails to the creek in the woods, and only a few new additions, such as renovations to the barn. It's one of my favorite memories when we were dating. The stories of adventures on the farm, and of course the romance of walking around the farm while listening to them, melted my heart. Growing up in a fast paced city, "Rocket City", Huntsville, a melting pot for families in the military, scientists, engineers, etc. , I always loved driving north to TN to visit my grandparents. The fresh air, miles of trees and green grass, mountains visible from the road, and beautiful land. The country always feels like home. For my husband who grew up out west near Las Vegas, the countryside is a dreamy place as well. A family resided here last year, from Philadelphia, but have moved into the nearby city. It pains me to know it's vacant, so it's been on my mind lately. 
The next several paintings will be from photos of this farm and the one my husband's parents lived on while he was in high school in Kentucky. All of them will be on 9x12  multi-media paper with acrylic paints and hopefully become more expressive as I go, but we'll see. I love painting places that I can dream about living in, these will be the first of a like series. 

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LauraK said...

Love this scenery! Keep painting little lady!


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