Sunday, July 17, 2011

Forty-Three Days Later

This picture is great, considering we discussed beforehand that we would NOT smear wedding cake on each other at the reception. It wasn't until I heard my pastor taunting us with, "show her who's in charge..", that I decided I WOULD miss his mouth by a wide margin.We are still laughing hysterically at each other. Marriage is a gift from the Lord. Being married is an adventure to say the least (not that I'm an expert). Learning and growing daily is something I could write about for hours. The most profound theme throughout our new daily lives with one another is the gospel of Christ. Forgiving, serving, grace, helping, supporting, encouraging, comforting..not that we do all these well, but we know those are a few of the goals we try to extend to one another. Even though it's only been forty-three days, it's hard to imagine my life without this man. Yesterday we celebrated Forty-TWO days...just because... with several games of Monopoly Deal and some reading time at Railroad Park. I don't know how long we'll technically be "newlyweds" but if it's always this much fun we may keep the title for good. 


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Great post. Thank you for sharing your journey. Here's to 43 more YEARS! Love, Laura K


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