Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Sister is an Artist Too!

See her Etsy shop...after lots of convincing to open excited for her! Whimsical paintings and more. When it comes to being like my mom, Jennifer nails it all the time. I see my mom's creative flare and I do mean FLARE, in my oldest sister. Besides deciding to live in a beach cottage in Charleston,SC seven some odd years ago, she's virtually taught herself everything she knows. Not that she's had to, she just loves to entertain, cook, decorate, create, gardening and help others with anything they may need along those lines. Mom would be so proud to see her "mini me" taking a leap of faith in the artistic realm of painting. When my mother passed from cancer nearly 8 years ago I was devastated. It wasn't long before my hurt was turned to laughter at my sister and her boisterous approach to life. Secretly we dream about having our art shop, writing children's books, and perhaps even a line of clothing. Somewhere in between there we always encourage each other towards our creative flare's and talk about how mom always nurtured that aspect of our lives. For that, I'm so thankful! 

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