Sunday, February 13, 2011


It's more than amazing that I've begun planning my wedding. By that, I mean I have browsed at least twenty wedding mags, torn pages, made a binder, secured the major players and yes.... yesterday was the day I found "the" dress. Not to say I didn't try on the dresses dreams (and mucho dinero!) are made of, but of them all the very first one I tried on was perfect. The fact that I could make a hobby out of trying on amazing dresses may sound startling, but it was an out of body experience. My bestfriend helped me list off the no's and yes's and made my special day so much fun. The sweetest little lady, Nan, who's likely in her early 70's, helped me as well.  Besides all the feelings of excitement, I noticed that one thing was missing. My dear mom. There were some tears as I was officially buying the dress, but I've come to terms with that being ok. 
I can't compete with the joy of knowing she's living the dream. A life of worship with no distractions, suffering, or world to interfere. I know she'd have so much and make all of this easier, but it's a surreal feeling knowing I carry a part of her with me. And not to mention how proud she'd be to know the themes are in the "handmade" & "do-it-yourself" styles. She DID so much herself. A decorator, fashionista, antique dealer, trash-to-treasure queen, and more. This wedding will be a "DIY", so there'll be several blogs about the adventure. So far I'm enjoying every minute! The venue was secured last week.  Goin' to the chapel.... ! I snapped a few sneak peaks!


I love how rustic this place feels. It IS in the middle of nowhere. Every city has a "middle of nowhere" that is timeless and captivating. This place is that for me. I'm so thankful I found it.

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LauraK said...

Your mother is indeed so proud of her beautiful, creative, accomplished little girl. Can't wait to see the dress!


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