Thursday, February 17, 2011

3rd Day of February

My DIY wedding planning list is shrinking day by day. Venue,dress, photography, and wedding cake are secure! I'm having so much fun discovering rustic decor, fabric, flowers and program ideas. I've spent hours browsing summer themes at My style is mixed and mingled with classic,"anthrolopolie"(my favorite store), as well as the rustic/vintage/vibrant theme. I've been inspired by my late mom's legacy of thrift,antiques, and sass. I've got to feel like I'm gettin' my groove on with all this planning or it just gets plain stressful. Not yet, shwew! This would be an excellent full time job. Just let me spend someone else's money and I'm there! My dear friend, Mandy Busby will be capturing all the highlights of the big day. If you haven't seen her pictures, beware, inspiration follows. The photo gallery ranges from precious faces of Haiti, to family portraits, and lastly to engagements and weddings. She wasn't here at this event, but thanks to boy's savvy plan, the waiter at Bongiorno's caught the moment of a lifetime. You can't tell, but he just opened the box, I'm barely breathing, swelling with a 1,000 emotions, and thinking, "yes", and finally said it in a non-voice whisper..twice I think. I had to double-check with the beau to make sure,duh. What did you just ask me? Oh Happy Day!

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