Monday, September 13, 2010

Feels Like..camping

After a long and extremely hot summer, it felt amazing to camp at the highest point in Alabama (stop laughing,it's true), Cheaha Mountain, Labor Day weekend. We arrived and thought we would be nearly the only campers on the mountain. But, the rest of the weekend crew piled in on Saturday to pack out the semi-primitive camp sites. It was a glorious 60 degrees all weekend!


We didn't mess around with the most important meal of the day
There's no shame in my game, I'm no novice camper, but my dear friend Joy cooked this fabulous breakfast for us. I felt like we (all the girls) were cheating a little on the "roughin" it part...thanks to this boyscout, we had a blazing fire every night, plenty of cooking ware, lanterns and the "in" on all -camp- know- how. Amazing how guys make camping look so easy.

Of course one of my favorite memories each day was sippin hot coffee, from something like a french press. Here I'll insert that I just became a proud new of a 4 cup french press...ooohh la la. Our campsite was directly on the mountain ridge, overlooking mounds of green pines and trees. 

An excellent way to spend a weekend and have quality time with sweet friends. And , don't forget to bring along your boyscout. ;p

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