Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fresh From..

My Neighbors

I couldn't even grow one little tomato this summer,ok maybe a little green one or two. I'm not envious of my neighbors overflowing tomato plants, watermelons, peppers, and abundance of herbs..I just want what they have..I think they're on to me...look what I got on the way in the door today! No, I didn't steal them, even though they've pitied me and said I could come by and take whatever I wanted from their garden. Today I brought home the gold mine generously given to me by my neighbors! Have you had these little yellowish tomatoes? What about fresh jalapenos, or green peppers. I'll say no more. This is where I started...toppings for my California Pizza Kitchen dinner..it was a no cook night. Could it be said any better, "love your neighbor as yourself", especially when they're garden didn't yield a morsel compared to yours. Oh those nachos are not gonna be the same with fresh peppers atop!

CPK with Fresh Veggies 
(before cooking..just in case you're wondering)

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