Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quoted from First Week of School

I love my job. This year afforded much change as I moved from teaching kids in poverty to teaching kids in wealth. Yes, a dramatic change, but nonetheless, a good one. And let me preface, my school has been the most welcoming, encouraging, and friendly school I've ever worked out so far..and best start to a new school there's been for me to date. All the other teachers have "taken care" of me, to be sure I know the "ins and outs" of the elementary life where we teach. 
The first two weeks of school have left me thinking, "this will be another year I HAVE to keep up the hilarious things that the kids say." Here are just a few I remember. 

"I'm such a good artist, I'll probably be your best artist"
Girl #1 -"I'm a famous artist" -Girl #2 "No your NOT" Girl #1-"YES I AM!"
Girl #1 -"Uhm,Ms.Teacher,Am I a famous artist?"
Girl #2- "Tell her she's not.."

2nd grade boys discussion I overheard:
"Well his dad has TWO ferraris and he drives a porsche to school sometimes"
"Yeah, and his wife drives a MINI-VAN" 
"That is so weird"-"Well, I think she just had a baby"

After reading "Harold's Purple Crayon" I asked the kids, "what did Harold do with his crayon?"
Japanese Kinder blurts out smiling,"HE DREW HE HOUSE", "HE DREW HE BEA","HE ALSO DREW HE DWAGON!"

Another Kinder with confidence tells us all as we are sitting in a circle at the beginning of the first class. "Uhm,Ms.Coile, my mom's an artist, and I think I'm going to be the best artist, I am so good at art." "This is going to be easy for me."

I have so many kinders that roll their "R"s when they talk. I have to pay close attention to what they say or I miss it all together. Hope everyone is enjoying August as much as I am!

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LauraK said...

good stuff abc. lookin' forward to hearing more teaching stories. glad the year's starting out great!


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