Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Off #45

Photos Downtown

I'm not going to lie..being a teacher and having the summers definitely a perk to the profession. Wait, I'm not a teacher, today I'm a photographer! I strolled survived the sweltering heat of downtown with my dear friend Kali to snag some photos of interest. Kali is a pharmacist and enjoys the luxuries of days off as well. Here's a recap our photo adventure around downtown. Don't get too excited...I love old doors, peeling bricks, old washed out signs...etc. 

Love Your _____

Good Ole No.7

Daddy Yum on 1st & 24th

3 Signs

Pepsi cirica 1920's

Turquoise Love

 Hangout on Morris Avenue

Look! There We Are!

Romans 5:8

Return First Love

Burnt Sienna Last Forever

Friendly Welcome the Unemployed

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