Sunday, July 18, 2010


7 Days until I leave for a 4 day mission trip to Haiti. The days are hoped to be filled with pastels, painting, drawing, and lots of playing! Oh, and they French-Creole..both of which I speak..very little. I'm traveling with dear friends of the Haiti Nutrition Project, please take a minute and visit to read all about the orphanage and clinic. Keep us in your prayers! Last but not least, this trip is under $1000 and so I didn't formally raise any support. Thankfully God has provided, so far, donations totaling $175, which was a suprise. If you feel led to donate towards this trip, or commission me to paint something for you or someone, don't hesitate, there's a slight crunch in the budget now. My bags will be packed with ample art supplies to leave there for the kids. I hope to return with a greater vision of how to bring the arts through the name of Christ to children in Haiti. The malaria meds will begin tomorrow, actually a day late, but Publix pharmacists don't work on Sundays. (note to self). 

Sunday to Sunday

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