Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Patty Griffin at the Ryman Theatre

Hello Nashville

We left in time for the rain to pelt down on our travels from Birmingham to Nashville, but it was worth it. Patty Griffin is a legend and artist that I'm glad to have heard sing her heart out. She just recorded gospel songs in a church in downtown Nashville from of old and completed her album to tour and share them.Kali, Claire and I laughed and laughed as we shared stories of childhood and sibling rivalry in the car on our way to the show. I forgot you can laugh til it hurts. You can learn ALOT about someone on a road trip, even if it's just 24hrs. The highlight of the trip was stopping at our favorite gas station LOVE"S, to quote Claire,"they have great t-shirts, gas"..and then we make a u-turn so I can prove that we were passing a buffalo in a pasture..more on that later. Much of Patty's music leads me to think of heaven,loved ones,having loved than not all, and art. I'm inspired each time I hear her music. AND she had the legend EmmyLou Harris join her for a song, as well as LeeAnn Womack-wow! It was a night of pure melody and moments or should I say bursts of worship with the old hymns we heard. All that and while leaving I managed to snag two of her guitar picks and ran right into a dear friend who moved to Nashville to pursue her songwriting career! Visit her site, listen to her music, be inspired to chase after your dreams and live to fulfill the vision God gives you. Are there any gifts better than these? Thank you Kali & Claire for sharing one amazing night of music and fellowship! Love you girls!

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