Monday, June 14, 2010

Art Museum

Singing Angels
(work in progress)

This morning I began painting a few of several angels on woodblock, and eventually more on canvas and matte board for this fall. I'm going to be the FEATURED ARTIST at the Birmingham Art Museum's Gift Shop. Oh, it's ok that I don't have a space on the wall in the actual museum, people don't buy those! I'm going to have a large window and wall space, stocked with angel paintings and ornaments from August to November. Angel theme for Christmas? I think so, at least around here, Christmas in July! I'm excited about having my artwork among the "greats" at the museum and I could get carried away talking about it,so I'll spare you, but hey, I can say,"yes I have sold my art in a museum! Forget the million dollars that all the other art would sell for, I'm ok with an inkling of that for mine. (Sort of)

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