Friday, May 14, 2010

What Had Happen Was


As a literary genre, a memoir (French: mémoire : meaning "memory", or a reminiscence) is autobiographical writing. The author of a memoir may be referred to as a memoirist

This morning I began recording events, people, phrases, memories, fears, episodes, laughs, and details about the past three years of teaching art in a projects housing community, the inner city of Birmingham, Alabama. This all came after singing "You down with O.P.P?? Yeah you know me!!..every last homey" on the way to school today, passing students walking to school and feeling like, "yeah, this white girl knows some hip-hop". All the while witholding laughing at myself lowly waving my arm in my car like I was about to be at a gangster thung part-eh. And then envisioned singing this song aloud with students in my class and how many superstar points I'd win for even knowing the song. But reality set in and I just walked in the door trying to remember who sings "Just Bust a Move". Don't worry, I not only found who but an even more appropriate visual as to how I feel this morning. 

 Okay, back to this memoir.While writing it I'm going to post sections that I think you'll enjoy, starting tomorrow. Stay tuned!

(The 550-unit Collegeville Housing Community was constructed as part of an urban renewal project in 1964)

 I think Birmingham forgot it existed but I'm looking forward to giving you the inside scoop.

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