Thursday, May 13, 2010

Color Blindness

Color Blind

"Hey Auntie" yells a student into my doorway. I look and see a young boy smiling from ear to ear,waving, and says again at eye contact, "hey auntie!" Besides the fact that we're not related and he's black, it was a term of endearment that I felt honored to hear. On another note, my 3rd grader student Nykeria had a rough day, walking in class saying, as her head rolled around her shoulders, "on my life, I'm gonna SCRIKE somebody Meh Corl". Before I could even console her and find out the problem, she's saying, "you bettah get em' Meh Corl, I'm fickin to scrike em". Ok. I hold back my laughter and later ask her what's the problem. To my surprise she was mad furious at her homeroom teacher for pushing her. I'm sure it was a gentle nudge, but still, she felt hurt emotionally by the whole event. much so, she was gonna SCRIKE somebody!


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