Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We're different


The conversations about my hair are endless at times. In the picture I'm modeling DeAndrea's "Up Do" as she called it. Talk about differences in hair texture were between two girls in my 6th grade class. They both are hilarious. Today they began "doin' my hair" and asking why I didn't get plaits. Or "why you wash you hair every day?" Another unashamedly says my hair is "soft, BUT nappy."Ok? They love to "do" my hair. I'd never survive real African braids. I cringe when the girls do large loose braids down my head and twist each strand. A teacher laughed at me when I told her it hurt, and then added, "ooh girl, in a salon, they start the braid with your eyebrows and THEN the hair." I would love to have African American hair for a day. I'd try some funky perm or an afro like some models I've seen, and who knows what else. They also said I should "do somethin" with my hair! Like extensions or micros ...and I so I let them white girls don't typically add to their hair. They said, "oh yes they do", my momma got a white friend who added plaits to her hair. Anway, I love my plaits, they're really just braids attached to the head in a row. I may get more tomorrow with a curvy braid along the side of my head. Don't worry, I never leave school with my new hair-do's, but it's fun to see what they come up with, considering it's not often they fix a white girls hair.

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