Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Neighbors

(..she witnessed her father fire..)
In light of recent message I heard there are alot of things that appear different. Likely they've always been there, but now it seems those things are blaringly more visible. Today there are people suffering and children worrying about food and water. That alone has slowed me down to think about others. Three years ago I spent 10 days in India and of those 10 days 5 were spent in Nepal. Today in Nepal there is a threat to their communities, as well as those in nearby India due to a nationwide strike. You can read the whole story here. All this is not following a somber and gloomy view, but hopeful and with a certain joy that does not depend on circumstances. Remembering those who are without necessities, suffering, or being oppressed is not a burden, it just takes time.

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