Friday, March 5, 2010

What I'm loving about life

Even though spring is taking it's sweet ole' time, there's so much I'm loving about life. I thought after sharing a few laughs from my daily life here at school, I'd share about more things that make me smile. How about a classic top ten list, albeit there's alot more !

1. music : Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes, Ryan Adams, Sara Groves, Bon Iver,Eva Cassidy
2. health : being healthy, finally not exhausted and sore after working out, the luxury of being part of a gym.
3. my sisters : who and where would I be without them in my life?
4. friends : an understatement, but " friends are my estate.." (Emily Dickinson) they truly are the best.
5. God's Word : learning about Old Testament scriptures (see here), and the cost of discipleship (see here)
6. reading : North and South or see, Runner's World, NY Times, and there's always recipes,crafts, art,blogs
7. new roommate : fun times ahead
8. painting : trees, horses, angels and visiting here.
9. food : a new resturaunt actually, Dodiyo's . .. has stirred my excitement to cook and try new recipes.
10. the sunshine : although slowly, it's creeping out behind the clouds each day.

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