Sunday, March 7, 2010


These photos are those from my mom's side of the family. Her parents:Paw-Paw & Maw-Maw (Paulie & Virginia)

Welch family
I love sepia tone and b&w photos of family. Yesterday I spent time with a friend browsing through an antique store. I always think of my mom & sisters in flea markets, yard sales or antique stores. My mom & grandmother ("maw maw") were considered "junk queens". My mom could find a treasure from someone else's trash effortlessly. I'll always remember the Saturdays of restocking Maw-maw's Flea Market in downtown Anniston and rummaging through corners and shelves, searching for that special old something. They both held the bar for discovering beauty and quality in my mind. I could go on and on about their love for junk,antiques, and resale, and people..but I won't. These memories remind me how much time, friendships, and family mark love in our hearts. The things are not what we remember, but the memories of how we love and care for each other will always last.

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