Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time to Leave

Ok class it's time to go ! My dear 6th grade student always takes on the "helper" status without being asked, and begins making her way around the class. You know, to get everything in order. ;) Finally she makes her way to a student who did "less than" acceptable drawings today. Her words followed something like this:

Deandra'(helper): gimme yo paper boy, you fose to be havin' a drawin. you in trouble, you ain't did nothin.
Walter(student): head down, smiling
Me: holding back a laugh

Deandra: ok, you gonna do what you fose to do now, here take this paper and draw yo pikur fos it's time to go. ..OK!, Walter, you get a "F" and zero, is that what you want? ok, gimme yo paper, you aint doin this right. you get an F and a zero, you see this Ms.Corl? Don't forget to put this in your gradebook.

(at this point the whole class is just watching me ..holding back my laugh and listening to Deandra)

Finally I tell her to sit down and "lets all get ready to line up and leave for the day." Someone turns to Deandra as she was babbling at her seat and asked her to "be quite!"  and she replies, "Do what ya'll fose to!  I'M TRYIN TO GET YA'LL OUT OF HERE"

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