Saturday, March 27, 2010

She's part of the family

Emmy is my sister Jennifer's yorkie that is part of our family. When we're all together, Emmy is there too, in her outfits, on her princess bed, and always getting alot of attention. Jenn carries her around Sullivan's Island in her basket on the front of her bike, as well as polka-dotted totes. Emmy goes grocery shopping, to the beach, family vacations, and all holidays. I miss her! And I have no idea where Jennifer finds this ridiculous outfits for her, but I love them! Emmy has an outfit for most occasions...and yes even a dress and tiara. The yappy barking grows on you and before you know it you're throwing her ball at every whim, picking her up at every bark and grooming her hair.

1 comment:

LauraK said...

what a cutiepie!!!


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