Monday, March 29, 2010


Tuesday night will be an opportunity to hear and see up close the ramifications of Haiti's recent earthquake. The preview can be seen here. This documentary will look at the new "tent cities" that have developed. Over the years, in summers past, I've used time off to persue "mission field" opportunities abroad. My first mission trip was Northern Ireland(VBS,evangelism), then to Spain( a media project for Morroco), later Dominican Republic(art workshop & studio with missionary kids), Peru (illustrating Bible stories, bible study with teachers), a Christmas in Mexico at an orphanage(recipients of Samaritan's Purse Shoeboxes), and a brief visit to India/Nepal communities(encourage new church plants). While in the Dominican Republic my heart broke for the impoverished, not just them, but all that I had seen previously in my travels. The images of kids bathing on the side of the street, beggars, make-shift housing,etc. the list goes on. Thankfully now I can spend time with kids on a daily basis here in Birmingham that are living in poverty. Over the past two years I've thought about the culture and people of Haiti. Why? Just intrigued since my visit to the DR. God used that and continues to shape a love for these people I've never met. And now, in light of events, I love them more. Hopefully I return from summer break this year with stories, new friendships, and pictures of amazing children from Haiti. My hope is to begin long-term friendships and see God's vision of how I can serve there this summer and in the future. Is God calling you to do something special? Did he place an "unreachable love" in your heart for somebody, a group of people, or a place? If so, just remember God's timing is not like ours, don't ignore Him, just let Him keep shaping that love until He's ready to use you.

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