Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter's Advice

This is as close to Runner's World as I'll ever get...except there's not alot of runner savvy advice here. I will say that over the cold months I've accepted the fact that treadmills want to be your friend in the winter, gyms are not smuggy,and whirlpool and/or steamrooms are excellent. 
I've started keeping a "Food Journal" after forgetting what I would eat from week to week. You probably think it's time consuming and too anal, but it's not that bad. I love like jotting down snacks, lunch and everything in between..ok, sometimes I skip the candy,coffee,and small handfulls of pita chips.
  It has made me aware of how much junk food I consume and think more about eating well. All of a sudden my food is important, because it has space in my planner. I confess it's hard to be consistent, but bottom line, anything new is a challenge. 

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