Friday, January 8, 2010


Function: interjection
Etymology: French, literally, see there
Date: 1739

—used to call attention, to express satisfaction or approval, or to suggest an appearance as if by magic

This is the spread for the book club meeting I held at my home this past Monday. We're pressing through the infamous "Vanity Fair" and this was my choice, so I hosted. The recipes all fell into place and "that was that", simple and yummy treats for all. I found Pioneer Woman's site to be MOST helpful, she's a cowgirl cookin' diva! And then my stay-at-home, busy as a bee, older sister, tossed me this recipe, that proved to be delightful, especially if you're a coconut lover like me! Finally I ventured to an applesauce & sausage roll, and they were ok. The exciting tray was covered with brownies, mind you it was a' la carte. What's that? Well, it's a cranberry chocolate sauce, whip cream and several brownies that need some TLC on top. ;) I felt like I was at a pastry imagination gets away from me..I loved preparing all this and I can't wait to host again in February!

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