Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year

One of my favorite persons, a dear friend, Amy. I met her when my mom was undergoing her first chemotherapy treatments at UAB for Leukemia. I was a senior at UAB and would walk from class to visit my mom, as she stayed at the hospital nearly 50 days after her initial diagnosis. Thankfully we bartered for her to get a large corner window room after a few days in the those tiny regular rooms. Afterall we needed room for a cot and all the pictures and flower and artwork, yes a painting, for her room! ;) My mom never hesitated to let us know she needed every sort of comfort available. Amy became a friend of the family as she served us in taking care of our mom. She truly has a heart for the cancer patients she serves and we could see it. Many times we'd sneak and ask if she was on duty and tell the head nurse we'd like to have her over anyone else if possible. Mom eventually told her much of our fun family history and entertained her with her flamboyant personality. There was a "secret" place my mom liked to go to in the hospital, the VIP wing ;) . .which is no surprise. The lounge, just passed the double doors that read "Authorized Patients and Family Only", there was a nice couch, a living room area, and a place to drink a Coke in peace .. no beeps or nurse check-ins. It was her spot in the hospital that felt more like a home. After several years Amy and I saw each other at a mutual friend's house. I knew I had to be friends with her! You know those people in your life. Anyway, it's been so sweet to know her and share stories and memories about my dear mom. I'm thankful for people like her that are gifted with amazing talent and compassion for the sick. This picture is her in 1920's attire for a New Year's Eve game, of which I didn't play, I was there visiting someone else. I had fun watching all these people walk around in mob suits and 20's dresses..and make up dialogue for their mystery. In 2010 I hope my friends know how much I love them !

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